Environmental Policy Statement

We are fully committed to achieving the highest environmental standards during the course of our business activities. This policy statement is our commitment to managing those aspects of the business which are most likely to impact upon the local (and global) environment. Our minimum aim is to comply with legislation governing the environment. We will endeavour (at all times) to be aware of and comply with such legislation and guidelines wherever possible and we will continually monitor and improve our performance in relation to managing the environmental aspects of our business on an ongoing basis. The successful implementation of this policy will ensure both our environmental obligations and responsibilities are met.

We will:

• Work with our clients/customers and suppliers to produce solutions which result in the most effective use of materials and energy, with the least impact on the environment.
• Where possible, utilise materials for construction that are environmentally friendly and naturally sustainable.
• Seek to influence clients and their designers in areas where the impact of designs and specifications on the environment may be reduced.
• Ensure that best practice is adopted at all times to prevent pollution and to give urgent priority to those clients/customers reporting ongoing pollution and incidents.
• Ensure that all waste is managed in accordance with current legislation.
• Employ appropriate management techniques to ensure the activities of any subcontractors or suppliers have minimal environmental impact.
• Strive to increase employee awareness of environmental issues and enforce compliance with all current and future environmental legislation.
• Encourage employee participation in environmental issues, by consultation, and during regular reviews of this policy statement.