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Abbey Maintenance Services are a specialist company of highly skilled surveyors and technicians, offering a one stop service from consultation to cure for RISING DAMP, CONDENSATION & BLACK MOULD, WET & DRY ROT and WOODWORM. Our damp & timber reports are prepared by fully PCA CERTIFIED SURVEYORS. We will provide a detailed report and no obligation quotation, which is FREE for homeowners. Based in London, Abbey Maintenance Services covers the whole of LONDON into the heart of KENT and SUSSEX, offering surveys 7 days a week.

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Rising Damp

When houses are built, a waterproof barrier is installed near the bottom of the wall; this barrier is known as the damp proof course or DPC.

The DPC prevents water from the ground rising up inside the wall, where it can damage internal finishes and cause decay to timber in contact with the damp masonry.

The most common reason for failure is old age but often building works like new patios or extensions can compromise the DPC: This is called bridging because moisture can now reach the unprotected wall. The end result is damaged paint, wallpaper and flaking plasterwork. More serious problems such as DRY and WET ROT can follow.

Abbey Maintenance Services solves the problem by injecting a new damp proof course; our chemical injection process is safe and environmentally friendly and cures within the masonry wall to form an IMPERVIOUS BARRIER TO RISING DAMP.

If the plasterwork is sufficiently contaminated by ground salts, the existing wall plaster will need to be replaced using our advanced rendering system. This is specially designed to provide a salt retardant, waterproof render to combat the effects of the ground salts in the masonry and provide a dry internal finish, and is followed by a top coat skim plaster to provide a smooth final finish.

Condensation and Black Mould

CONDENSATION occurs when the air within a property becomes laden with moisture; moisture which is created by everyday tasks such as showering or boiling the kettle. When the warm moisture laden air comes into contact with a cold surface i.e. window or external wall, it allows the water trapped in the warm air to condense and form as droplets.

One of the tell-tale sign of condensation is the BLACK MOULD which often clings to surfaces. Salesmen often talk concerned homeowners into having costly and un-necessary remedial works carried out to rectify the problem. Each property is different, but our Fully Qualified Surveyors will be able to give you personalised recommendations to resolve the cause of the problem and eliminate the mould growth, which will be set out in our report.

Our initial consultation fee is fully refundable if you go on to have any remedial works carried out by us.

Woodworm – wood-boring insects

Woodworm is the general name given to any beetle found in building timbers which feeds on wood.

The species most often found are Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum), but other insects such as Death Watch Beetle, Powder Post Beetle can often be found in older period properties. Abbey Maintenance Services offer a comprehensive range of eradication treatment services: our specialist surveyor will determine the type of infestation and appropriate treatment to prevent future attacks.

Where treatment is required to affected timbers, our technicians use ecologically sound, low odour preservatives which only require properties to be vacated for a short time; often re-entry is possible later the same day.

We provide a 20 year guarantee on woodworm treatments such as Common Furniture Beetle. Details of the guarantees available to meet your requirements will be provided by our surveyor.

What’s the difference? Dry and Wet Rot

Dry Rot

Dry Rot treatment can be very complex: it should always be identified by qualified surveyors and treated by experienced technicians. It should never be ignored or treated by amateurs: this will almost certainly lead to more serious and costly problems in the future.

Firstly, the source of the moisture which encourages the fungus must be removed, establishing a dry environment.

Secondly, the fungal growth of the rot must be removed and any affected defective timber must be treated to eradicate re-growth. Abbey Maintenance Services technicians are highly skilled in the treatment and eradication of Dry Rot fungus.

Wet Rot

Wet Rot is usually less of a serious problem, but eradication of moisture sources, promoting a dry environment and timber treatment/replacement is often still necessary to prevent escalation of the problem. Abbey Maintenance Services specialise in eradication works which can involve partial or complete fabrication replacements.

Once a surveyor has inspected your property, full details of the proposed treatments are provided along with our quotation and most treatments are covered by our long term guarantee.

Basement or Cellar Waterproofing – Tanking

Abbey Maintenance Services are highly experienced in waterproofing below ground structures, including BASEMENT AND CELLAR CONVERSIONS TO ENTIRE LOWER GROUND FLOOR/GARDEN FLATS. There are various methods available and each job is individually assessed to find the right system for its circumstances, from a complete system or just simple repairs to damp walls.

Our tanking systems are very effective in keeping below ground structures dry, warm and habitable. We are fully knowledgeable in the latest tanking and waterproofing systems and can offer a solution to suit your requirements and budget. Our treatments are fully guaranteed for your peace of mind.

Please call our office on 01992 577 453 within office hours for non-emergency repairs and quotations.