Capturing your home’s personality in quality carpentry

There’s a certain element of class which you just can’t get from most materials. When you’re looking for that real sense of atmosphere, that personality which speaks to the senses of everyone around, you just can’t beat a good piece of carpentry. How many times have you stopped to appreciate a metal bookcase? We’re willing to bet not often. And when a piece of furniture has been made to our high standards, you can be sure of projecting the right feel into the room around it. That’s the great thing about carpentry: you can make furniture to suit any room, any home and any layout. The only universal truth is high quality.

Crafting masterpieces for your home

You might not have thought about the sheer range of places where you can use a good piece of carpentry in the home. The first thing that most of us think of are bookcases, and we can certainly do that. But what about doors, floors, kitchen units and bathroom furnishings? We do all of these and more. If it can be done with wood, we’ll be able to find a way to make it fit into your home. If you’ve got something on your mind, give us a ring and we’ll see what we can do about it.

Setting up your office

The last thing you need is to walk into work every day and feel like you’re spending the day in a soulless environment without any character. Bare and gloomy workplaces don’t help anyone. We manufacture tailored office furniture to make your office a more pleasant and comfortable place. Lots of us are working from home these days. If you’re looking for a great working space, you should consider our log cabins. An existing home office can be enhanced with some of our high quality furnishings as well.


A great way to bring atmosphere and character to a room. Floor to ceiling, stand-alone, contemporary or traditional – our designer bookcases can be made for any situation


More than just a place to store your clothes – we’ll give you a wardrobe which has a real presence and positive effect on the room around it. We’ll also ensure that it’s got all of the internal draws and features you need.


Whether you’re working at home or in your company’s offices, you don’t want to spend your day in a dull and sterile environment. Specially designed office furniture will make your workplace more comfortable and attractive.


Great to look at, easy to clean and incredibly robust – wooden floors aren’t just an aesthetically pleasing choice, they’re practical as well. We cover both design and installation of wooden flooring.


Doors take a fair beating over time because they’re in constant use – so why not have a stronger door to start with? We manufacture both doors and window frames to individual specifications.

Complete Rooms

Want to avoid the hassle of getting several different contractors? With our complete fitted kitchens and bathrooms you’ll not just get a beautiful room designed especially for you, we’ll provide all the trades to fit it!


Give yourself a kitchen which is a joy to work in. With designer kitchen units made to fit both the space available and the character of your home, we’ll make sure you’ve got a kitchen to be proud of.


It may be the smallest room but that doesn’t make it any less important! Our bathroom fittings will help to make your bathroom comfortable and give it a twist of individuality.

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